Three new protected bike lanes for Boulder

July 24, 2015

After years of small steps, the city of Boulder, Colorado took a big leap forward this summer. On June 15th, the City Council approved three “right-sizing” projects proposed by transportation staff.

The projects will implement road diets on three important corridors: Folsom, Iris and 63rd streets. All will reduce four-lane streets to a single lane in each direction, add a center turn lane, and add a protected bike lane.

Construction on the Folsom Corridor was underway this week, with restriping and bollard installation underway. Here are a few pics by taken by PeopleForBikes staff, who are delighted by improvements to their daily commute to the office.

“At PeopleForBikes, we talk about protected bike lanes and their benefits all day long. But actually getting to ride them? There’s no substitute for that,” said Kate Powlison, senior marketing + communications manager. “Even the most avid bike riders I know are elated by these new bike lanes. They are truly transformative.”

Even in “progressive” Boulder, the projects are intensely controversial, with many drivers sure that their minor inconvenience spells disaster for Boulder mobility. The city’s frame for the projects is a Living Lab?an opportunity to test new designs and refine as needed. The extensive data collection is a smart strategy to understand the effects of these road redesigns.

Kudos to Boulder Council and staff for the courage to move forward on this, congratulations to Community Cycles for their smart local support, and thanks to all the PeopleForBikes members who took the time to voice their support to City Council.

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