The year of #EverydayBiking: A national search for the casual bike capital

April 2, 2015

Michael Andersen, Green Lane Project staff writer


From Lycra to Levi’s and BMXs to bakfiets, Americans are biking more than they have in decades.

Here at PeopleForBikes, of course, we love every sort of bike ride. But we’re especially excited about one ride that Americans seem to be taking more and more: the kind you do without thinking a lot about it. The kind that fits perfectly into your life.

We call it “Everyday Biking.” And we think that making it easy for more Americans to do more of it would do an awful lot of good.

That’s what got us to thinking: which U.S. cities are the very best for everyday biking?

Before we knew it, we had a plan on our hands.

A different highly scientific survey each month


Starting today PeopleForBikes is launching a sophisticated national initiative to name the best cities in the United States for everyday biking.

Here’s how it’ll work: On the final Thursday of each month for the rest of 2015, we’ll position a representative at a preselected location in cities across the country. Each month, they’ll count the number and percentage of:

April: cargo bikes and trailers
May: racks and baskets (bonus points if they’re carrying flowers)
June: skirts and dresses
July: Lycra or other spandex kits
August: kids on bikes (passengers included)
September: business attire (jackets, blouses, ties, office-friendly skirts and dresses)
October: costumes
November: beards

Running up the score will be encouraged: locations will be public, and local bike lovers should feel free to rally friends to represent their turf.

Everyday biking is all about community, after all.

Any city is welcome to participate — all it needs is a volunteer — but nine are lined up to participate every month: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Portland and Seattle.

A few others will be popping in some of the time. Want to join? Send an email to [email protected] for instructions.

The results (the best U.S. cities for biking in a skirt, etc) will be announced in a post right here on the first day of each month. In December, we’ll compile all the stats into a single, ultimate ranking of the Best City for Everyday Biking.

All right, everybody. We want a good clean fight. Let’s see how this goes.

Houston, near Rushmore Academy

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