Memphis’s best bike blogs and media

August 2, 2013

Michael Andersen

Fourth in a series on local bike media.

It’s hard to say which Memphis network is advancing more rapidly: its bike lanes and paths, or the digital connections among its bike-lovers and enthusiasts.

Here’s our guide to the best bike media in a city that it’s easy to make inaccurate assumptions about if you’ve never been there — and maybe even if you’ve lived there all your life.

The official word: Bike/Ped Memphis
City Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator Kyle Wagenschutz tracks his latest projects. Good place for news and documents about local public meetings related to biking and walking.

The establishment revolutionaries: Livable Memphis
A program of the bank- and foundation-backed Community Development Council of Greater Memphis, this creative and energetic group has driven much of Memphis’s embrace of better bike infrastructure. Their website isn’t much, but follow one of their two Twitter feeds (one automated from their email communications, one custom) or their Facebook page.

General bike news: Memphis Cyclist
Though its blog and the news feed on its front page are intermittently updated, this is Memphis’s best general biking resource, with links to regular rides, places to ride on your own and local bike shops and clubs.

Bikes for equity: Revolutions Memphis
Memphis’s nonprofit bike shop writes mostly about its own (essential) work on website and Twitter feed.

Bikes for fun: Cycle Memphis
An inclusive monthly recreational ride in the city. See also Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook.

Rides and races: Memphis Hightailers
Volunteer-driven site with excellent links and resources about recreational riding. Also on Twitter.

Niche advocacy: Mid-South Complete Streets
A sort of one-shot advocacy blog, this site tracked progress on Memphis’s new complete streets policy, which requires bike, walking, transit and auto accommodations on all new streets and major renovations.

Holistic urban policy: Smart City Memphis
Blog about cities, and especially Memphis, from the perspectives of Memphian city-lovers. Sometimes bike-related.

Bike culture festival: Bikesploitation
On its blog and Facebook feed, Memphis’s “one-of-a-kind festival that brings together film, music and art from around the world to celebrate our love for bicycles and the creative spirit” shares local bike links and images year round.

City love: I Love Memphis
Kerry Crawford’s blog about great things in the city regularly includes the ways bikes fit into it.

The path connection: Greater Memphis Greenline
They don’t blog much any more, but these multi-use path builders tweet about the sort of bikeways that are completely off-street.

Looking forward: Harahan Bridge
The exciting project to repurpose unused road lanes for pleasant bike and pedestrian crossing across the bridge to Arkansas has a good tweestream about biking and walking, too.

Hardcourt sports: Memphis Bike Polo
Bike polo is thriving in the Bluff City, and this site helps people plug in. Also on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

News around the state: Bike Walk Tennessee
Statewide advocacy group shares news about bike policy and major bike-related injuries across Tennessee.






You can follow any of the Twitter users mentioned here, plus a few more, using our new curated list: Memphis bike tweeps. Did we miss anybody or get anything wrong? Get in touch! Also see our lists from Austin, San Francisco and Chicago.

Bike path photo by Andy Hays.

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