Infographic: Bike sharing sweeps the U.S.

August 29, 2013

The rise of bike sharing is a development we’re jazzed about here at PeopleForBikes. Back in 2008, our organization helping bring 1,000 short-term rental bikes to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, planting the seeds for Denver B-cycle, the first bike sharing program in a major U.S. city.

This summer, we rode the new systems in New York and Chicago and watched how bike sharing?particularly when paired with a safe, low-stress bike network?can transform a city’s bicycling experience and culture. Today, San Francisco is opening its bike sharing system, with 700 bikes and 70 stations around the Bay Area…more on the way. We captured these exciting developments in the infographic below. Check it out and share with your friends!



Have you ridden a bike share bike? How did it go? Tell us about your bike sharing experience or any systems we missed in the comments below!


image    image

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