More than half the folks we polled say biking in their town is getting better. Do you?

October 10, 2017

Photo: Stewart Eastep.

Here’s some good news: A new survey of 28,000 people who ride bikes found that 58 percent feel bicycling in their town is improving.

Slightly more, 62 percent, say their towns have added more bikeways in the last three years.

But 68 percent still worry personally about getting hit by cars; 34 percent worry about other personal safety issues; and only 28 percent feel bicycling in their town is generally safe for everyone, including kids and seniors.

Those are some of the national findings from the first-ever PlacesForBikes Community Survey — a crucial part of the upcoming PlacesForBikes ratings of the best and fastest-improving bike cities in the United States.

To be clear, this was just a widely distributed web survey, and the folks it turned up were, more than anything else, extremely active on bicycles. Just over 50 percent reported riding outside almost daily, another 36 percent weekly. A whopping 91 percent said they were familiar with the bikeways in their area. But as a barometer of how the country’s most passionate biking believers feel about their cities, it’s useful.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in — or to weigh in again if you happened to be among those 28,000 who took the first survey in early 2017.

Take the Community Survey

Our second annual Community Survey, following up on the trial run, is open from right now until Dec. 8. In addition to helping us locate the U.S. cities doing the most for biking — and then steal all their secrets to share with the world — survey takers are entered in prize drawings.

We used the first year of results to test the gears and cables on our new system for rating the country’s best bike cities. After this round of the survey, we’ll be ready to unveil our first public city ratings and hit the road.

So fill out the follow-up survey already. It takes less than 10 minutes, and it guarantees that your personal wisdom gets heard at a national level.

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