Confessions of a traveling duo

November 5, 2015

Sarah Thomas + Dallas Jamme, East Coast event crew

After six months of traveling to dozens of bike-related events, it looks like we are going to make it to the end of our contract with PeopleForBikes after all. We definitely experienced our fair share of challenging moments, but we had fun exploring new places and meeting new people. Here are some tips to consider if you’re traveling (or planning to travel) with someone for an extended period of time.


Remember to take advantage of where you are and have fun!

Work together to come to a decision and try to find a balance of being the decision maker and the compromiser. Remember that sometimes you just don’t care what you do and you want your partner to take charge and make a plan. Watch out for hanger here too–you may just need to eat something and everything will become clearer. Communication is key to ensuring you are both okay with whatever you decide to do.

Eat well

A post-ride meal in Bentonville, Arkansas

It can be really (really!) hard to find good food on the road, but we both agree that it’s almost always worth the extra time it takes to venture off the highway to find it. If you’re fueling your body with the food offered at most gas stations and highway service stations every day, you won’t feel good physically or mentally. Keeping healthy snacks in the car can keep you going until you find something better than fast food.


Don’t forget to exercise!

When you have to drive eight or nine hours to get to your next destination, it can be tempting to buckle down and get the drive over with as quickly as possible. Trust us though–your body will thank you for getting out of the car every few hours to walk around a bit. We try to do some kind of physical activity, like biking or running, at least once a day. Our visits to bike shops have been good sources of information for places to go ride or run.

Get alone time

Get outside and spend some time in nature. Alone.

Find solitude, and give your partner plenty of opportunities to get away. Everyone needs some alone time–some more than others. Make sure you’re not smothering your partner, and let them have some time to themselves frequently. We aren’t always able to get away from one another, and being stuck in a car for hours on end only amplifies the problem. Maybe the most you can do is give each other silence for a while. We often go separate ways when we stop to exercise. One of us will go for a run while the other goes for a bike ride, or one will do yoga while the other goes for a long walk while talking to a friend or family member on the phone.

Most importantly, have fun

Take advantage of your location, and check out tourist destinations once in a while. Maybe you can take the scenic route if you have time between locations, or take a slight detour to visit the top mountain bike park in the state. With this job we made sure to remember that every place had potential to be our favorite, even if we didn’t see it coming.

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