Best bike baby names

February 5, 2016

Sarah Braker, communications manager

Quirky baby names are all the rage right now, so it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing some bike-inspired naming trends. From the obvious to the downright wacky, here are some of our suggestions.

Image: Anthony DeLorenzo


What it means: Mountain bike slang for crash.

Why it works: If you’re looking to rear the next generation of bros who shred the gnar then Biff is the perfect name. A great moniker for an athlete, Biff might be a harder sell for more professional fields. Not sure anyone would trust all their money to an investment banker named Biff.


What it means: A long-distance cycling event.

Why it works: Randonee has a cool European flair without being unpronounceable, is gender-neutral and comes with a handy nickname. Everyone will be blown away when they ask you what Randy is short for and hear the answer.

Image: A Shino


What it means: Cluster of sprockets on your rear hub.

Why it works: People will probably think you’ve either misspelled the French name Cosette, or that you really like mix tapes. But at least you and little Cassie will know the truth.


What it means: A brand of pedal-free kids balance bikes.

Why it works: It’s the new Ryder! Why give your kid an obvious bike name when you can pass on a trademarked one. Strider bikes are innovative and lay the foundation for a lifetime of cycling. That’s a lot to live up to, but your kid is ready for the challenge.

Image: Bureau of Land Management


What it means: A raised bank often found on mountain bike trails

Why it works: Berm follows the trend of giving kids nature-based names like River, Autumn, Forrest and Storm. Berms are strong, tall and challenging. The same characteristics you hope for in a child, right?


What it means: A one-piece crank arm.

Why it works: As a piece of bike history, Ashtabula is a big name to live up to. The name has vintage sensibilities but a solidly feminine feel. Bula isn’t the best nickname in the world, but in Fijian it means hello, goodbye and welcome, so that has to count for something.

Image: Umberto Brayj


What it means: Schrader is a valve type.

Why it works: If you’ve got German roots, why not name your child in honor of August Schrader, the inventor of the valve found on most wide rimmed bike tires? In any case, it’s better than naming your kid Presta.


What it means: Cadence refers to the rate at which a rider pedals during a ride.

Why it works: Cadence is actually a name, but it has yet to make an appearance on top 10 baby name lists. So your kid will be unique without being too weird. Cade and Cadey are cool nicknames and everyone will assume your offspring has good rhythm.

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