An unlikely introduction to the world of spandex: PFB crew east

May 2, 2013

Morgan and Jon, PeopleForBikes crew east

Hello All!

Jon and I have been on the road now for about two weeks and are loving the mobile lifestyle. A few summers ago, Jon and I biked across the country together, so we’re familiar with hopping from place to place through somewhat chaotic means. It was through our cross-country trip with Bike & Build that Jon and I met. He was on his second trip as a leader, and I was just figuring out how to clip into my pedals.

Admittedly, I’m quite the late-bloomer when it comes to my love for bikes. Aside from the occasional bike ride in my neighborhood when I was a kid, I really didn’t have much of a past with bikes until about two years ago. A friend of mine from college told me about a cross-country bike ride she had done through a nonprofit organization called Bike & Build. After hearing about her adventure I signed up for a trip the next summer. I had no idea what I was signing up for. Not only was I completely intimidated by the biking culture and all of its spandex, I didn’t even own a bike. Aside from all of my apprehension, once I started the journey in Providence, Rhode Island, my bike and I were inseparable.

in Moab Utah
On our bike tour, we got the opportunity to stop at unique sites like the Hole N’ The Rock by Moab, Utah where we stumbled upon this crazy mixed-metal jeep.

Jon started out in a slightly different (and more prepared) way?he signed up for his first trip because of his passion for affordable housing. He worked previously with Habitat for Humanity and wanted to keep volunteering in a different capacity. By the end of his first trip, he walked away with a second love, biking. He consequently joined his school’s cycling team and began biking all over Boston, and eventually decided he wanted to lead another cross-country trip where he was able to share his knowledge and passion for biking with me and 30 other riders from all over the country.

finishing ride in Half Moon Bay
Our ride into Half Moon Bay, CA where we completed our ride was certainly bittersweet but we made it to the West Coast, tan lines and all!

We quickly learned that biking has a way of working itself out. If you’re climbing what seems like an endless mountain for days, you inevitably get to enjoy the crazy awesome descent that follows. If there’s an area of the country that seems flat and uninteresting, the conversation with fellow riders makes up for it. Although there were certainly days that were filled with hot sun and sore seats, traveling by two wheels was the most incredible way to see our country and meet incredible people along the way.

jon and morgan thumb


See you on the road!

-Morgan and Jon, PFB crew east


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