Sometimes it’s about the journey, other times it’s about the destination—make today about both. From major league stadiums to smaller minor league parks all the way down to neighborhood parks and fields, riding to and from a ball game is the perfect way to replace a car trip with a bike ride.

Major or minor

For those of you who are lucky enough to live in cities with big league teams, you know how frustrating it can be to sit in game day traffic. Endless lines of fans fighting for those few secret spots, while the rest just give up and pay $20 to park in a pay lot. Riding bikes means all that goes away. Minor league games can be just as fun, and give you proximity to the game’s future stars. Riding to the game also means you burn calories on your commute, so you can really hit the concession stand hard. Peanuts and crackerjacks, anyone?

Small ball

Some of the best games to watch don’t feature millionaires, will never be televised and don’t have assigned seating. They’re the community leagues where your nextdoor neighbor is the star kickballer, or your doctor is known for stellar pitching. Grab some snacks, ride to the field and spend an evening in the bleachers rooting for the best lawyer-turned-outfielder your town has ever seen. Sports may not be their day jobs, but these night owls and weekend warriors can still put on a good show. The best part is, there are leagues everywhere, so you don’t need to make it a long ride to get there.

Pack up and pick up

Parks are also perfect places to invite friends for pick-up games of basketball or frisbee. You only need one buddy for a game of catch, but the more the merrier should be your policy. Use a pannier or trailer to haul your gear and see what unfolds. You can invent new games, make friends and get some exercise in the sun.

When you bike to a ball game, whether it’s a match-up of two top pro teams, a local league or just you and a few friends, you win no matter what the score is. You save time and money, never have to worry about parking and it’s good for you. Go ahead, have a ball!

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